Founder & Owner

Bill Estep launched Estep Media Solutions in November 2012 and now serves as project coordinator for all website design, handling content creation and on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and also Facebook page management for EMS clients.

A Columbus, Ohio, native, Bill began his career as a daily newspaper reporter/copy editor in Fort Wayne, Ind., and Columbus, and later went on to edit a monthly magazine and work 25 years at two state universities.

From 1987 to 1998, he was a writer/editor and assistant director of the news bureau at Ohio University in Athens, where he edited the faculty/staff newspaper and the alumni publication. From 1998-2012, he edited Ohio State University’s faculty/staff newspaper and website for one year and spent 13 years as the publication’s advertising manager — coordinating a $400,000-a-year sales program.

Upon founding Estep Media Solutions, Bill spent a year in contract advertising sales at Ohio State and Bowling Green State University; took a year off learning the web design business and Search Engine Optimization from mentor and SEO guru Jim Vandenberg of Toledo; and began designing websites in 2015, with the goal of creating graphically appealing sites with strong organic SEO and at a cost affordable to small businesses.

Most of Estep Media Solutions’ website designs and on-page SEO have resulted in page one Google rankings for the clients’ primary keywords, including several sites that ranked #1 on page one soon after launch.


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