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Photography & Videography

Strong usage of photography and videography sets websites designed by Estep Media Solutions apart from the competition. A user-friendly homepage with strong imagery is a key to whether visitors open the front door to your business.

Our professional photographers provide you with dynamic on-site environmental photos and professional headshots, and stock photography is used only if necessary.

Google likes homepage videos, especially those posted on YouTube — a company owned by Google. The best part is that Google now uses video as a search-ranking signal. Videos keep visitors on your site longer, also boosting your Google ranking.

And because only half of businesses currently use video in their marketing, you have an opportunity to stand out from the competition by making use of this powerful marketing tool.

We work with professional videographers to produce the best possible image for your business. Here are two videos recently produced to run with our websites:


  • To see a full-page gallery of our photography, click here.

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